What our clients say

A couple of days ago I rang through to your office with a query and the call taken by Rachael. What a lovely person she is – with such a caring nature.

Mrs AP

Charlotte was great in taking time to understand my circumstances and intentions to enable her to develop a report and give me some ideas on how to achieve my goals. She clearly explained financial planning in an easy to understand way. The admin team were great and quickly tracked down different accounts.


I am very happy with where I invested , their communication is excellent.


As non-money-savvy clients can have complete trust in what her company does for us.


By simply being approachable and easily contactable as and when i have a query. She has a very welcoming attitude too which is so reassuring.

Mrs AP

Charlotte was very helpful in finding the right mortgage for our needs.

Mrs PS

It was only through engaging with Charlotte that we were able to improve this and see better outcomes.


I was more than pleased with the outcome that Charlotte achieved for me. In fact, delighted.


Charlotte, you make a difficult subject, investments and pensions, appear easy and always with a cheerful smile

Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Charlotte Gibbon, Stevenage

Gave good clear advice on my pension options and answered numerous questions


Thank you Charlotte, for your time and expertise, always relevant and professional

Mrs FF

Many thanks, Charlotte, for your helpful and friendly phone-call the other day. Having all this in your hands is a tremendous weight off my mind, partly because you have skills and expertise, which I totally lack, and also because I have absolutely no reason not to trust your decisions and advice


All seamless bearing in mind meeting restrictions and Charlotte following required protocols. Would recommend her and her business


You did a great job, Charlotte. I found =your advice very clear and helpful.

Mrs VS

Charlotte is just so easy to talk with and went through the process involved – GDPR etc – and in time produced an easy to understand, no frills explanation and payment schedule

Mrs AP

Charlotte gave me good advice on making some adjustments to my pensions, so I now think I will be able to retire sooner than I thought!


Charlotte found us a mortgage that was suitable for us with no hassle whatsoever. The pension fund that she found for me has returned 15% in 12 months


I asked her to take over the admin of all my little pension pots and she was able to invest them far more profitably.”


Charlotte has always listened and asked appropriate questions to ensure that she has fully understood the big picture in terms of what our goals have been. She has then recommended various options with any associated pros and cons so that we can make well informed decisions. She has also always done a great job in un-tangling some of the more complicated financial ‘jargon’ in order to put things into terms we understand with examples. She also has simplified the way that funds are managed in order to simplify paperwork input from ourselves


Charlotte and her team follow up on what that say they will do in a timely manner and keep us informed with clear communication via email, phone and face to face as appropriate. Our personal situation has changed over the past two years meaning that a complete review of our portfolio was required. Charlotte has helped so much with this with her advice, guidance and then by actioning the associated changes required in a timely way

Mrs SG

Charlotte looked at my existing pensions and advised what should be done with these and where this should be invested. She has also set up a stocks and shares ISA for me as an alternative to a savings account. Charlotte also helped me understand how much I needed to invest each month to achieve the monthly amount I want when I retire and the advantages and disadvantages of putting this money into a pension rather than any other investment options

Miss KD