"Providing regular income payments in the event of critical illness"

Critical Illness Cover Policies are insurance policies that provide regular income payments and/or a lump sum in the event that the policy holder is diagnosed with an illness or injury listed in the insurance policy.

Critical Illness Cover can sometimes be added as a bolt-on to other protection policies or can be taken out as a standalone plan.

At IPFM, we pride ourselves on our personal relationships with our clients, and, as with all our services, we will research the wider market to source exactly the right policy for you. We make it our business to understand your needs and help you weigh up the premiums versus the benefits offered.

A critical illness may trigger a complete lifestyle change as you re-evaluate your priorities, and having the right protection in place could enable this to happen. At IPFM, our personal service means we look after our clients financial planning throughout their lives, and we will take the stress out of the planning, transitioning you and your finances as smoothly as we can.

IPFM's Critical Illness Cover services include:

Life Insurance Bolt Ons

Mortgage Cover

Employee Income Replacement Cover

Advice on Conditions Covered

Lifestyle Change Advice

Family Cover